What skills do my maintenance employees need to be successful?

Job Task Analysis: On-site or On-line

  • Deliverables:
    • Identifies required skill set for the facility’s maintenance department
    • Establishes training curriculum
    • Provides testing criteria

Job Task Analysis ( JTA )

  • Survey Implementation
    • Develop Survey Instrument, containing
      • 20 Skill Areas
      • 120 Job Components
      • 467 Job Tasks
    • Management and Hourly complete survey, rating each task for
      • Importance
      • Frequency
      • Complexity
  • Survey Analysis and Results Reporting
    • Review data and input to analysis tools
    • Develop Charts and Graphs:
      • Ranking Skill Areas, Job Components and Tasks
      • Propose Training Curriculum Flow Chart
      • Propose Training Session Outlines per course

JTA Survey: Sample


Job Task Rankings from JTA
(identifies key tasks to include in assessments and training)


Sample Curriculum Flow Chart


Sample Curriculum